Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our New Playmate, Little Gerry

I started keeping a friend's little boy, Gerry Milburn Felton IV, last month. This may be part of the reason why my posts are slacking (and also the fact that I am always busy chasing my two little ones around). His mommy, Shaina, had to go back to work (just part time) and had asked us before he arrived to keep him. We are excited to be able to help our friends and take care of him for the few hours she works.

You might think I'm crazy for doing this, but actually having him only from 8a-3:30p, 3 days a week isn't bad at all. I think adding a 3rd one is a LOT easier, especially when he isn't yours to keep! Babies are such a joy and so sweet, I love having them around.

My morning starts off with this, all three on my lap:

Both Ellie and Ainsley LOVE little Gerry. They always get so excited when he arrives and when he wakes for his naps to play. They both are quite the little helpers, although there are moments where they get in trouble.

Such cuties! They're getting practice in for before their little brother arrives! We can't wait!

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Natalie said...

love the pics...thanks for sharing!! :)