Monday, February 21, 2011

Letter Sounds

Ellie has known her letter sounds for a few months now, but I just never have gotten it on video until the other night. She also can recognize all the letters, although a lot of times she's not very motivated to identify them for you. We're about to start writing letters. I didn't think we were quite ready for this but Zach showed her how to write the letter E a few days ago and yesterday she wrote a letter E that actually resembled an E (it had a few extra lines in it)! I can't believe how much she is learning in such a short amount of time, she just soaks it all up.

Here's her letter sounds:


Katie said...

Reagan says, "That was so cute and funny!" :) She's precious!

The Bryant's said...

It's not to early, Juliann was writing her name before she was 3. The chalk board/writing paper board thing we gave Ellie in Christmas 2009, that is exactly why we got it. I done dot to dot with both of them. I did however not know anything about D'Nealian hand writing until she started pre-shool. So Juliann had to learn to write her name in D'Nealian different from what I had taught her. But Grace could actually write her name before she was potty trained. Get her going!! Tell her we said good job!!
The Bryant's