Thursday, August 12, 2010


Okay first, I've been a little slack in the picture taking hence hardly any pictures. I haven't failed in taking videos though, so don't despair!

So, Ainsley LOVES to bounce. We first discovered this at church when she was in this bouncy exersaucer thing, she squealed with delight in it! She also loves to bounce when she stands with your help or if you bounce her on your knee, really any form of it! So I decided to get her a jump-a-roo, a bouncy thing that hangs from the door frame. We discovered not only does Ainsley LOVE it, but Ellie does as well. Enjoy the videos...

Ellie bouncing from Laura Hanlon on Vimeo.

Ainsley bouncing 1 from Laura Hanlon on Vimeo.

Ainsley Bouncing 2 from Laura Hanlon on Vimeo.

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dysons said...

We got Andrew one too, because he loves to kick.
But 2 out of the first 4 times he was in it, he puked! I guess he got dizzy. He still likes it, but I always make sure it's been a while since he's eaten before I put him in it :)