Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8 Months!

Am I really writing this post? I cannot believe my baby girl is 8 months old already! This means she's gonna be crawling and walking and talking right around the corner!! I guess this is what they are supposed to do.

Ainsley is still oh so precious and the sweetest little thing. I mean every time I look at her, I just want to hug her and squeeze her. She's so stinking adorable, and has such a wonderful temperament. She has started her little fusses over a few things (such as food, items being removed from grasp, and getting stuck in certain positions), but most of the time she is very content. Here are a few things she is up to:
-rolling to tummy and to back, also has rolled to move across the room (but only have seen this once). Not sure why she doesn't do it more often?
-scooting backwards, although she is not a fan of this. She gets frustrated that she is going the wrong direction.
-still babbles all the time, she loves to talk! she says mama, dad, and today I think she said Ellie (yea, I might be ahead of myself here)! None of these intentionally of course.
-has started eating cheerios, goldfish, and cut up fruit. she used to love puffs, but now only occasionally will eat them (i think this is very strange, even Ellie still loves those things). also has started to refuse some veggies, yup it's begun...
-sleeps extremely well at night, hardly ever has nights where she wakes up. sleeps from 7p-6:30a.
-takes 2 naps a day, one in the morning (1 hour) and one in the afternoon (2-3 hours)
-has just started to refuse the bottle, lovely. She nurses 5 times a day.
-still no teeth, not even a sign of them.
-still a mommy's girl. i love it. i just feel so special that almost no matter what, she is always content in my arms. she also gets so excited whenever she sees me, even if I've been gone for just a second. she has a little separation anxiety, but usually only at home when i leave the room (strange?).
-loves peek-a-boo
-LOVES the jump-a-roo
Yesterday I had to take her in to the doctor for a rash that was all over her body. It looks awful, kind of like chicken pox, but it doesn't bother her and is only viral. It should go away within a week. Ellie never has had a rash, so this was very alarming to me! I hear babies have them all the time, so that makes me feel better.

I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy baby girl! I'm going to miss these sweet months, but excited to see what kind of little girl she'll turn into.

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