Monday, August 16, 2010

Ellie's Catechism

We have been trying to teach Ellie a few things. We first started with a simple catechism. She started getting the first few questions really easily, although when we add a question it take forever to learn it. Once we realized she could start learning things, we decided to try bible verses. We have been very impressed by how quickly she learns the verses and how she retains them very well! We memorize one verse a month with the church, she has gotten the past 3 months down pat! It's so awesome to see Ellie learning!! So here is a video of her showing off her skills. She's a little distracted by the yumminess of the oreo, but still impresses me :)

Ellie's Catechism from Laura Hanlon on Vimeo.


Knappsters said...

Is that a Longaberger basket on the table? We are there right now on our way up to Michigan for a wedding.

Zach and Laura Hanlon said...

That is a Longaberger basket! It really belongs to my mom, but she has let me use it and the stuff in it! Those baskets are amazing.