Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last week

So let me tell you why there was no new posts this past week. Last week Zach went out of town to Orlando (yea, he went to Disney World without us). I decided to go visit my parents to get some extra help. Thank goodness I did because I think that was the hardest week yet with the two girls! Zach left early Sunday morning, but I didn't go to Winston-Salem until Monday afternoon due to Ainsley's one month check up. Well on Tuesday Ellie was acting very fussy and tired, so I decided to take her temperature and found that it was 104.3! I started to freak out and called her doctor. They said not to worry since toddlers get high fevers all the time, but to watch her and the fever. I kept watch and put some motrin in her, which lowered the temperature, but every time the motrin started to wear off, she would spike a fever above 104. I called the doctor again, and they said as long as I could get it back down, to not worry if she was still acting ok. I tried to keep telling myself that I shouldn't worry, but on Wednesday when I checked her temp and it was 105.4, I had to call the doctor! Luckily we knew a doctor in Winston personally (Zach's high school best friend's dad), and we called him to ask what we should do. He told us to bring her in to make sure she's ok. We took her in and he checked her out. Everything looked ok, just a little fluid in her ear. He didn't think that was the cause of the temperature and that most likely she had some virus (maybe RSV). He put her on an antibiotic to make sure.

Let me tell you what my sleep looked like last week. On Monday night, I got my normal amount of sleep (about two 3 hours stretches= 6 hours). On Tuesday night Ainsley woke up and would not go back to sleep at 1am, so I slept a total of about 4 hours that night. I tried to take a nap on Tuesday, but as soon as I laid down, Ellie would wake up. On Wednesday, I put Ainsley down at 9:30p and went straight to bed. Ainsley lasted until 2am (so I would've had 4.5 hours straight sleep), but Ellie woke up screaming at 12am and wouldn't go back to sleep unless I laid with her. I ended up asking my mom to come sleep with her, which provided me a lot more rest! So Wednesday night I totaled about 5 hours broken up three times. Luckily (with my mom's help), I was able to nap on Wednesday. Thursday night Zach came home at midnight and both girls slept decently.

I just had to complain on here and give you a little bit of what life has been like... The adrenaline from welcoming a new baby has worn off and now Zach and I are just sleep deprived. We're hoping just a few more weeks or less before Ainsley sleeps through the night. Ellie slept through at 8 weeks, praying the same for Ainsley. She sure doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night, she's got enough fat on her to last her awhile :) She sure is a cute chubby cheeks baby though!

Here is a video of me trying to get her to smile:


Courtney said...

So glad she is doing better! Praise God for your parents.

Knappsters said...

Aw, sorry for the tough times. But the good ones far out-number those. You're family is so beautiful! Miss you guys

The Bryant's said...

Sorry you had so much trouble. Sorry you had to deal with it without Zach. With each of the girls I went on vacation with them without Norman. Juliann was 8-9 months old the doc we had to see wasn't that good so Aunt Pat, Bradley,Matthew,Juliann and myself left White Lake early took Juliann to the her doc and the Doc down there had put her on an adult medication!!! Grace as soon as we landed in New York she started sunning a high temp and our health insurance wanted me to take her over to NJ to the emergency room so I cld. her doc at home she tld. me to find a drug store cl. her back and she wld. cl. her in an antibiotic so I hit the streets of NY that evening ( I learned very quickly how the streets ran)found a drug store got her med. took her out to eat and her temp had gotten so high she had to throw up we went to the men's bathroom and it hit the floor. SO I have not taken them on another vacation since then. I don't plan to! Norman and Juliann are going to the Outer banks in March and I hope they do fine there and Grace and I back here at home! Good Luck and Ainsley looks just like YOU!!! :) She is so cute!!! I love those cheeks!!!!!!!!

The Bryant's