Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1 month

Ainsley was a month old two Saturdays ago (yea, I've been a little slack on here... we'll get to that later). We went to the doctor last Monday for her check up. She weighed in at 11 lbs (90%), measured 21.75 inches tall (75%), and measured 37.8cm around the head (70%). She is definitely a healthy baby who is growing fast! Here's a new picture of our sweet girl. I absolutely adore her hair! I can't believe how big she is, those cheeks sure do show it though :)

Ainsley is still doing pretty well at night by going 4-5 hours between a feeding. We absolutely cannot wait until she decides to sleep through the night. It definitely is becoming harder and harder as our patience is very thin due to so many sleepless nights (well I guess not technically sleepless, but definitely sleep deprived). Ainsley has started smiling and cooing, which melts my heart. One characteristic Ainsley has is her grunting. She grunts when she's hungry, gassy, or pooping. She is one vocal girl, but not due to crying (which we do hear occasionally). She loves being on her belly, being held in your arms, and looking around (she seems to be very alert). She'll have days where she is awake almost the whole day, and others when we can't get her to do anything but sleep!

Ellie still loves her little sister a bunch. She gives her kisses, holds her hand, gets concerned when she's crying, always wants to know where she is (wakes up and asks for her everyday), prays for her, and tries to play with her. Ellie is actually doing great with Ainsley, just not great with her attitude with mommy and daddy (i.e. she's going through the "terrible two's"). Here's a shot I got of them this morning, Ellie wanted "Annie" to sit beside her:
(holding hands)


Anonymous said...

They are adorable. They remind me of Juliann and Grace except for the sitting with me part, and holding hands. They are gorgeous and many thoughts and prayers for you and Zach with sleep deprivation (I am sure you more than him) and of course the terrible two's. But this may be a blessing I don't remember Grace going through anything terrible. When she got old enough she would just follow Juliann around and would then come tell us what she was doing or about or had done!!! :) Keep sending us updates!!!!!!

Hope to see you guys soon,
Love ya’ll,
The Bryant's

You are truly blessed!!!!!!!! :)

Yours Truly - Anj and Mel said...

Oh my goodness! I can not believe how Ainsley has grown! Those cheeks are absolutely adorable :) I hope we see you guys soon!
-Melissa and Andrew