Friday, January 1, 2010

2 weeks

Ainsley is two weeks old! I can't believe she already is two weeks, but it's also hard to remember before she was here! We love her more and more each day and she continues to grow more and more beautiful as well. We went to the doctor Wednesday for her two week check up, which I was really anxious about. I have been praying since Ainsley was born that she would be back to her birth weight at 2 weeks (which is what the doctors want or they start pressuring you to start supplementing). Ellie was not back at her birth weight at her 2 week check up and this caused a lot of stress and anxiety. So the first thing we did at the doctor's visit is get her length, she was 20.75in long. Next we got her weight, Ainsley was 8lbs 10oz!! I jumped for joy, she not only was back at her birth weight, but weighed 5oz more! Ainsley is right above average (55%) for height, weight and head circumference. Ellie was right at average, so Ainsley is just a tad bit bigger.

Life has definitely been overwhelming learning how to handle two kids. Zach has been a huge help, mostly by just taking Ellie to play with and let me rest. Although this is needed, it has also left me with Ellie withdrawal. It's definitely a lot different with two, and one of the things I have been struggling with the most is 1) not being able to hold Ainsley as much as I want and 2) not being able to spend as much quality time with Ellie. These two things conflict with each other and I'm trying to get better/learn how to manage my time with both of them. I definitely will say having the second is harder than the first, just because of the mere fact you now have 2 kids! One of the ways it's a lot harder is that I can't sleep whenever I need/want to, Ellie is awake so I must also be awake. Another way it is harder is that I have to continue to have patience, understanding, yet also continue to be consistent in my discipline. This is extremely hard when you are tired, but extremely important for a toddler.

(Kisses for Ainsley)

We are definitely overwhelmed and worn out, but luckily we have friends and family to help out and support us. It's very exciting that our family is growing, we feel extremely blessed to have two healthy, beautiful daughters. We look forward to the many adventures and lessons that await us this next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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The Bryant Family said...

I am glad Ainsley is back up to her target weight. I know how frustrating weight can be! Juliann weighed 6lbs.80z. and lost down to 5lbs.(DROVE ME CRAZY) Grace weighed 7lbs.10oz. but she never lost an ounce she just kept gaining weight. You and Zach are very lucky to have 2 healthy beautiful girls as we are too! I hope you get more rest and much needed sleep. I know exactly how you are feeling! I promise it will get better or you just forget about sleep.