Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Celebration

This weekend was very eventful! Ellie had her first birthday on Saturday and her first Easter on Sunday! She's a little too young to understand the meaning of Easter, but we cannot wait for the day that she can celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! We hope she will be as excited as us to say "Jesus has risen!"
Ellie was the cutest little birthday girl. Her party went extremely well, she was in a good mood most of the time and I think she really enjoyed all the attention :) She had a great turn out with all the family driving from Kernersville, and she got so many presents! Zach and I spent Saturday night opening the boxes and getting the toys out. She has played with every single one of them and is loving trying to figure out what all they can do.

The morning of her birthday, she really decided that she has this walking thing down. So she is rarely crawling anymore! We hope we've gotten most of the bruises out of the way too, but I have a feeling there are many more to come. Her doctor's appointment is tomorrow, so I'll update you with all the stats and all that she can do sometime later this week.


Bryant's Wisdom said...

We all had a wonderful time and we all love Ellie soooo much!! Make sure to enjoy her while she is little because they grow up so fast. (Juliann will be a teenager this year). We want to spend more time with you guys so Ellie can know her cousins better. We love getting all of your pics and updates.
We Love You,

Norman,Catina,Juliann & Grace

Adam and Kelly said...

Laura, you are so beautiful! Tell Ellie "Happy Birthday!" I can't believe she's already 1!!!! That's crazy :-)