Monday, April 27, 2009

So Pretty

We have had such beautiful weather the past few weeks, even though we've gotten quite a bit of rain as well. I'm kinda sad it's getting so hot, because the 70 degree weather was perfect! Our azalea bushes have been blooming and they are so beautiful, I had to go take some pictures of them and of course Ellie!Ellie enjoys walking so much! The world is definitely a new place now that she's walking.

Zach and I are extremely blessed to have such a happy child! She has four teeth coming in and she barely whines or fusses! She has been picky with her food and wants to sleep a lot, but keeps a smile on her face!

So I must tell you what happened this weekend. Friday morning I was bitten by two fire ants. I don't think I have ever been bitten by a fire ant because I definitely had an allergic reaction. I almost immediately started breaking out in hives everywhere, and then within an hour my foot began to swell. I took some benadryl, called the doctor to make sure I shouldn't come in, and then passed out! All weekend I basically slept because I kept benadryl in me, poor Zach! I tried to stay off my foot, but we kept pretty busy... so I was on it a little more than I should've been. Today the swelling is almost gone! I had to take a picture for the memory:

It doesn't look that swollen, but it definitely was! I couldn't even get it into a shoe!

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