Wednesday, April 15, 2009

12 months!

Tuesday Ellie had her 12 month check-up, and today she went to the hospital to have an ultrasound and some other procedure to test for urine reflux. Praise the Lord that the results came back all clear, so she does not have reflux! It was definitely a lonnng morning because Ellie did terrible during the ultrasound and the other procedure. She screamed the whole time. I think now that she's walking, she hates staying still. It took an emotional tole on mommy, and I'm glad daddy wasn't there because he is much weaker when it comes to her in pain or uncomfortableness.

So you might be wondering what all Ellie can do?? It's amazing to see how fast they grow and what they learn, and it's so much fun to see how much she enjoys every new moment!

Ellie weighed 19lbs. 5oz. at the doctor, so still not ready to face forward (sad, I like her facing forward). She measured 28 inches long... glad she is at least still growing! So that makes her in the 25 percentile for height and weight, but she is in the 75 percentile for head circumference. Therefore I can still say my little girl is a smart little one! ha!
This is all what Ellie can do:
-stands up by herself
-walks while holding objects
-say mama, dada, hey, uh-oh, no, yea, open, up, all done
-point at objects and also points to identify objects you ask her about
-kiss (making the pucker sound... she's so good at this one!)
-won't eat any vegetables without squeezing them in with something else she likes
-I think she is going to be a picky eater because she really only wants fruit to eat!
-she has officially weaned herself (we're on the 2nd day without any feedings, she hasn't asked one bit.... this is such a blessing to know she was ready as much as I was)
-drinks whole milk... not as much as she needs, but we're getting there
-stands on her tip toes to reach for objects on table
-opens cabinet doors
-uses sign language for eat, more, all done
-waves hi and bye (done this for 3 months now!)

Here is a video of her walking (She is just the cutest ever walking!):

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Bryant's Family Wisdom said...

It is so hard to believe Ellie is already 1. It seems like just yesterday you guys got married. I hope Ellie continues to do well and don't worry about her height and weight. Juliann is still in the 17% for weight and over 100% for height. Grace is 100% for weight and 75% for height. It is hard to believe how they have both stuck pretty much with the same stats as when they were born. But they are both smart. We got report cards today they both had all A's and are still on A honor roll. Juliann was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on March 30th. So there is no doubt Ellie will be SMART, maybe petite, and of course BEAUTIFUL!!!! Her blue eyes sparkle like brilliant diamonds, just like she does!!! Keep sending us updates the girls love to see them and show their friends when they come over. My friends enjoy me forwarding Ellie to them as well. (Only the friends who helped baby-sit Zach)Everyone knows Ellie.

Love you,