Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Madi!

Our good friends' daughter, Madison, is turning 2! She had her birthday party this past Saturday since her mom, Mikel, is due with their second baby girl right around Madison's actual birthday. It was a beautiful morning to have a party. Here's the birthday girl and Ellie:

Ellie was a little shy at first (not normal for our little girl), but she warmed up quickly and became herself. I was droopy from the benadryl and tried to stay off my foot, but definitely enjoyed the party and the delicious and CUTE cake!
Birthday girl with her mom, both oh so beautiful:

The Chick-fil-a cow came and made an appearance! Almost every kid was scared of her. Ellie warmed up to her pretty quickly:

Thank goodness we have a good friend who likes watching Ellie, with me being droopy, I was definitely not on top of my game. Elizabeth Ramsey stepped in and was great with Ellie:

Madi got a huge tub of animal crackers as a gift, Ellie was quite interested in it. She kept trying to figure out how to get the crackers out:

Here is a typical moment for Zach. He was caught eating right off the birthday cake! Luckily Mikel didn't mind.

Birthday banner #2. I made another banner for Madison. I thought it turned out well :)

Another beautiful shot of Ellie:

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