Monday, January 5, 2009


I thought I would share some of my favorite photos I have captured while practicing with my new camera :)

Ellie was not very happy being my subject...

She got better though after I gave her some toys...

Of course I can't forget Kayla:

Ellie posing in her crib with her new best friend, Jack the monkey:

Ellie is a pink bear!


The Bryant's Family Wisdom said...

WAY TOO CUTE !!!!!!!!!

zack said...

Dude... that girl's eyes are *blue*

It looks like the next thing to learn about is white balance.

(Your slick rick camera will allow you to adjust it after you take the picture)

Bobby and Brooke said...

I LOVE her eyes! They are just SO beautiful!

I also love the adorable crib picture. Those are moments that you'll cherish forever as she gets bigger and bigger!

Don said...

Zach & Laura:

Ellie is beautiful!!!

I cannot believe you all moved to the area and I am just figuring this out.

Let's connect!

--Don & Buffy