Monday, December 29, 2008

Our New Hobby

Zach and I have picked up a new hobby... professional photography. We received a Nikon DSLR camera for Christmas (Thanks to Zach's grandmother and mom!). For those of you that may not know what this camera is, it is basically a low-end professional camera. Zach has been more intrigued by it than I have (the reason being that I have been sick), and has taken some great shots! So I cannot give myself credit for any of these photographs, but I wanted to share!

Some shots of Ellie with her new toys:

This last one is of Ellie is playing with a toy that is supposed to motivate her to crawl :)

A beautiful Christmas shot of my mom's decorations and tree:

And lastly some shots Zach took of downtown Winston-Salem:


Zack said...

Very nice!

Don't sweat the blury thing... in low light, you either have to have a flash, or you need to be shooting something that will sit still for a second. Babies usually don't make good candidates!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Laura I don't think the camera is a low end professional camera, don't get me wrong I love my 1/2 carat diamond ring, book, Buxton purse, gtx, bedroom shoes, my blackberry or my magic bullet and everything else I got but I would have loved to have had the same camera . That was what I asked for. It is a great camera and the photographer that came and done a photo shoot of the girls @ WSSU his camera did not look as nice. Hey WHERE IS THAT UGLY MONKEY ??????? I gave the girls a Goo Gee Gorilla and a Baboon If you think Ellie's monkey is ugly you should see the Baboon. He has SERIOUS PROBLEMS !!! (I know you di not mean anything bad about the camera.Just trying to give you a hard time ).

Love You Guys,
The Bryant's

The Bryant's Family Wisdom said...

Oh I forgot to tell you BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!!!!!!

The Bryant's