Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First SNOW!

I absolutely LOVE snow! This was Ellie's and Kayla's first snow... so we took some pictures. Enjoy :)

Ellie didn't enjoy sitting in the snow:

...but Kayla loved running around in it (and eating it too):

This is a shot of Ellie in my arms, not in the snow (hence the content face):

Beautiful shot of Kayla:

Our house covered in snow, doesn't it look so pretty?:


Janie Mann said...

I love all of your snow day pictures; Ellie, Kayla, and your house look so cute! Since moving back to Utah I wish for snow-less days in the winter, sad huh. Oh well. :)

Zack said...

Great shot of Ellie.

She looks like the lead singer of a rock band or something.

Bobby and Brooke said...

Aw! Too cute! I just can't get over how cute Ellie is! She is such a pretty baby. The snow in the picctures looked like so much fun! What a great memory for all of you!

Zack said...

PS - I added you guys to our blogroll