Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Important Finding on Cesarean Births!

I came across an article on that was very informative and thought I should share! Here's the link to the article:

A study was done about cesareans performed before 39 weeks versus cesareans performed after 39 weeks. The results you should read for yourself in the article, but I'll summarize a few key points.

Cesareans are usually scheduled early to mothers who had already one c-section. Well this study found that babies will have more complications if a c-section is performed before 39 weeks. The key problem is that more women are choosing to have c-sections the first time without a necessary cause for it. This leads to scheduling an earlier c-section the second time to avoid the uterus from rupturing.

So I think all doctors (and all friends) should highly encourage natural birth not just of the complications that already can come with a c-section, but how much more significant the complications can be the second time around. Of course I definitely understand the situations where a c-section is vital and necessary, and I'm not talking about that. But just when there is an option presented and you CAN wait (which we all know is hard to do once you get to 36 weeks)... let the baby come naturally!

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