Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana!

Until I became a mother, I did not understand,
The profound sense of love in a Mother's heart and hands,
As I Whisper, "Mommy loves you", I rock my precious child to sleep.
Small perfection in my arms; sweet breaths, slow and deep.
I now see me as a baby; you're rocking me to sleep.
You whisper, "Mommy loves you, my heart is yours to keep."
At last I recognize your love, as a Mother I now see.
As I hold and love my child, you felt that love for me.
I will always be your baby, despite the years that pass.
You have given me my life, and a Mother's heart to last.
The greatest thanks I can offer; more than words can ever say
Is to give my child the love, you gave me everyday.
Author unknown

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for all the love you have given me and continue to give this day. You mean so much to me and I am thankful for you even more this day as I am a mother. What a blessing you are to our lives. We love you very very much. Hope you have a wonderful day and know how much you are loved from each one of your girls.

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