Thursday, May 26, 2011


We're on the waitlist! This means that all we do now is wait, wait for the day we will receive a call/e-mail/picture of our little boy. Right now the waiting period has averaged to be 13 months for a referral, but that doesn't mean we will be waiting 13 months. We could be waiting less or more, sounds so nice to have NO clue. It is nice to finally have it out of our hands, and all we have to do is just WAIT.

I am excited to be a little closer to bringing home our son, to have the relief that there is nothing waiting on my side and it's all in God's hands now. I also am excited to enjoy my two little girls and spend the next year or so just enjoying them. With the slow down in Ethiopian adoptions, it really has been somewhat of a relief. We thought we were ready, but life has been CRAZY the past 6 months and we feel that we need some more time before welcoming another child in our family. It's funny how God works. If we hadn't chosen adoption, we would have most likely gotten pregnant and there's no turning that back. But God led us to adoption, which ended up being slower than planned... which ended up being exactly what we needed. I now feel free to work on being a better wife and mother, improving myself before I bring home my son. I feel like this timing is perfect, but I will say that if it lasts longer than 2 years I'm not sure if I will be saying the same thing.

Now I am just sitting back and enjoying/improving the life I have in the present, yet still praying and dreaming about the son who is waiting to be in my arms. I ask that you pray for our family as well, pray for our son to be an orphan whose last hope is our family (I would much rather him be with his family or in his culture, but know that this won't be solved anytime soon). Pray for our hearts and his, for our marriage to be strong and deep, for our children to feel loved and belonged, for our son to welcome us as his family and us to welcome him in ours.

I patiently wait for the day I finally see his face...


Adam and Ashley said...

congrats guys! we are so excited you guys are now on the waitlist and hope to not to be far behind y'all!

Katie said...

THIS is so exciting!!! I'm glad to pray for your family and your son as you head toward being a family together. Praise God for how he is working in your family! :)