Thursday, May 19, 2011


We finally have received our UCIS approval!! I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. When Zach opened the letter and read it to me (me having no idea what was in his hands), I just screamed with delight... several times.

We have been waiting over 5 months for this. We took our fingerprints on January 6, waited and waited, then found out I needed to redo mine. I had to wait for my appointment time because I couldn't ever get over there, so I finally got my fingerprints done a second time in March. After a few days, we confirmed that my fingerprints were good and cleared, they just needed to process our information. In April we opened up a letter from the UCIS, thinking it would be our approval, but found out instead that Zach needed to supply some more information. Our homestudy wasn't very clear of how he dealt with some issues in his past that define him as a victim, so they needed more. This is VERY frustrating because this rarely happens, and it's somewhat outside of the boundaries of the UCIS. We happened to get a caseworker that wanted to make sure she approved qualified parents, which is a good thing but frustrating for us since we have to do more work. We eventually got our homestudy rewritten and then FINALLY received our letter of approval!

What a relief! Our dossier is now complete and we will be authenticating the documents and then hopefully on the waitlist NEXT WEEK! One step closer to bringing home our son...

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Katie said...

SO SO SO happy for y'all! Finally! Wonderful news. A big huge step closer to your little guy. Yay!