Saturday, May 21, 2011

Change Your Words. Change Your World.

I've always had a big heart towards the needy/homeless, second to orphans. For some reason, their lives and stories always get to me and I see the helplessness in their eyes. I want to show them hope, give them hope, or just hope that they will find it. I saw this video on the girltalk blog and wanted to share.

It is very interesting, most of us don't realize other's pain and suffering and just a few words can help others or ourselves understand it. Words have a huge impact on people and this video demonstrates how we can help others by the words we choose. If we change our words, we could change our world. I think there is much more to helping those in need, but our words do play a part in it. Great video.


Anonymous said...


i didn't know you in real life but i need to say that your family is awesome also your blog =)

you are the perfect loving mom! i'm so happy for your girls and your,i hope that he's soon in your arms,son =)

you are my role model as a mom

(sorry for my bad english,i'm from austria)


Zach and Laura Hanlon said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Sarah! I love having people from all over read my blog, and it's always nice to hear sweet words.