Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Ainsley!

Ainsley is 1 year old! I can't believe it, and I can't believe that she's walking either! Here is the proof:

She started taking some steps about 2 weeks ago. However, she has not been interested in walking until about 5 days ago when she just picked it up all by herself. Today she has barely crawled! I absolutely LOVE watching her walk (it's somewhat like a duck). She is just too cute, and she gets really excited for herself.

She also has gotten her first tooth! On November 28th, Zach and I finally felt something poke through those gums of hers! We still are waiting for some more teeth, but we are glad we don't have to worry about those teeth now! (The dentists say that if she gets one, she should get the rest, even if its really late).

We didn't go anywhere today except the doctor because of the rain/sleet/snow. Yes, I took her to the doctor on her birthday. And yes, she got shots on her birthday. She did great and we treated her to a sucker after which she LOVED. Here are her one year stats: weight 21 lbs, 9.5 oz (60%), height 28.25in (25%), head circumference 46.5cm (90%).

We are throwing a birthday party at Gigi's (Zach's grandmother) house on Saturday. Today, we celebrated her birthday at home. It started off with some singing:

Then we opened her present (bumble bee pet pillow), which she adored but hasn't touched since. We decided on this pet pal because everywhere she saw it, she got really excited and wanted to hug it. This is unlike her, so it was extra special and I thought it would be a great gift! Well, she was super excited after opening, but I think I have played with it more than she has.

I made her a key lime angel food cake (delicious, recipe by betty crocker). After lunch we sang a little more:

Then Ainsley enjoyed some cake:

We had so much fun just laying low, but we're excited for the big bash with all the family on Saturday! I have the cutest outfit for her that I can't wait to put her in! Pictures to come after the big day (I promise also to update this blog in the next few days).

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl! She is such a joy and such fun to love. She has captured our hearts with her sweet, cuddly little self. I hope to watch this little one grow up to be a wonderful woman (many, many years from now)!


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Kim Barrett said...

So cute !!! Happy birthday Ainsley ! Looks like y'all had a great little celebration :)