Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Big Reveal...

Remember when I said that I was going to make a play kitchen that looked like this:

Well we finally completed it! It started back in August. I bought a night stand on clearance for $6+ at a thrift store and got to work. Removed ugly handles:

Then we painted, sewed, and drilled. THEN if you don't remember, at the end of the month we decided we were going to adopt! After that, the free time was only used for adoption paperwork. Well, December came along and we knew we had to finish it for Christmas. We finished painting (stove top credit to my sister Ashlei), put the sink and faucet in, and put on the back and hardware. FINALLY complete!

Christmas morning they got to finally play with it. Here is the big reveal:

The girls love it. They constantly play with it. Ellie loves cooking all sorts of items, but she most of all loves giving us really hot things in a bowl that we aren't allowed to blow on (because they are too hot). Ainsley loves holding a cup in one hand and a utensil in the other and walking the whole house. What a great Christmas present it turned out to be (although we never planned it would take this long and end up as one)!

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Kim Barrett said...

AMAZING !!! I have seen these on other blogs and yours looks great Laura !!! Sooo cute ! Well done ! I love the reaction too :)