Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ellie's Pretend Play

Ellie likes to play mommy recently. She is always either feeding her baby or rocking her baby to sleep. It is so cute to watch her pretend and copy what I do when I take care of Ainsley. We especially find it hilarious when Ellie feeds her baby. Sometimes she uses a bottle, but most of the time she pretends to nurse the baby. This just does not seem right, but that's all she knows. The other day I captured her pretending, I decided to play along. (Although she is wearing a nursing cover, she does not nurse the baby in the video. Just an fyi before you watch.)

Ellie Plays with Baby from Laura Hanlon on Vimeo.

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The Bryant's said...

This brings back memories of my Jellybean (Juliann) when I was nursing Grace. She would nurse her babies too, her babies were like Grace they wouldn't take a bottle or pacifer. It is so amazing what they do and say at this age. Enjoy it while it lasts cause soon it will be memories for you and Zach.