Monday, September 13, 2010

Ainsley's Strange Toe

This morning soon after Ainsley woke up, around 7am, I noticed something strange with one of her toes. It was bright red, unlike the rest of her toes which were a perfectly normal color. I called the doctor around 9:30a when it still hadn't changed. They said to watch it and call back if it's not back to normal by 3p. Her poor little toe was not back to normal, so we took her in to see the doctor. They are stumped. It doesn't look like an infection, there hasn't been anything wrapped around it, it doesn't hurt her. We have no idea what's wrong, but it definitely isn't normal!

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The Bryant said...

I hope nothing bit her!!!!!!! Give her toe hugs and kisses from us. Ellie too!!! We will remember Annie's toe! :0)

The Bryant's