Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ainsley- 9 months!

Can you believe this little one is 9 months old??? I felt like I just wrote her 8 month post last week. Time sure flies, and this little one is growing up so fast! I think I write this every month, but oh well.

Ainsley isn't doing a whole lot more this past month. She definitely has started to get around, in her own way. She's not crawling, but somehow is managing to get to the big wagon of blocks and dumping them out and to the bookshelf to pull off all the books. I don't know how she does it, she does some sort of backwards/sideways/tummy to sitting up move. Strange.

The more Ainsley gets older, the more of her personality I see. She is very expressive and intense, but also very laid back. She is a go with the flow baby, but if she gets angry, upset, and even happy... you know it. She still is a cuddler and a mommy's girl. We are experiencing a little separation anxiety at the church nursery, but this is to be expected as this is very normal for little ones (although Ellie did not go through this). She also is very sensitive. Zach and I have started disciplining her a little for some safety things and for pulling my hair. We give her a very gentle hit with our fingers. She gets so sad when we do this and cries. It makes me sad, but it's for her own good (and my hair). I remember with Ellie she just giggled or stared at us, so I think we might see a little difference in how they will be disciplined. Time will tell.

She recently has learned to clap and is so excited to see herself do it. She also is really starting to mimic sounds, faces, and actions we are making/doing. She loves to:
-play the squealing game with Ellie in the car (they squeal back and forth)
-smack her lips (like a kiss sound)
-eat goldfish, strawberries, peaches, and grapes
-play with the little people barn and dumping out objects in containers
-cuddle, bounce, pull your hair, grab your face (or anything else she can get her hands on)
-hold your hand
-turn pages in books

She still has no teeth. She wakes up around 7am, goes to bed around 7:30p. Still sleeps through the night and nurses 4-5 times a day. I haven't ever shared this before, but this is something interesting for me to remember for later: She has only about 4 wet diapers a day because she goes all at once. She holds it in and will be dry for hours, but then a few minutes after you check her diaper and it was dry, it will be completely full. Maybe this will make it easier to potty train? She's 85% in weight at 19lbs 15oz, 25% in length, and 93% in head circumference. The doctor said "healthy" babies like her typically don't walk until after a year. This made me giggle. She definitely is a healthy one and I don't mind her walking after her first birthday! I just LOVE her chunkiness, I wouldn't ask for her any other way! I really can just eat her up, she's so cute... especially with these eyes:
She is so precious and my love for these two little girls of mine grows and grows each day. I absolutely adore seeing them interact and play with each other. Ellie has become quite the older sister, sometimes even the mommy (which I try to clarify who's the mommy when this happens, although I feel like that should just be understood. I mean come on Ellie, there should be no question right?). I leave you with more of her eatable, squeezable rolls. What a joy you are my sweet Ainsley.


The Bryant's said...

Happy 9 month birthday!!!!!!!

Hugs & Kisses

THE Bryant's

Tweet Cheek Boutique said...

Ainsley reminds me of my little girl soo much! She is 9.5 mos and just started crawling last week. Once she started crawling the separation anxiety kicked in big time, but it's starting to wane a bit (thank goodness!). She makes the lip smacking noise too. I think it's the cutest thing in the whole world! I love it so much. She doesn't clap yet.. I guess we need to get to work on that one.
You have a beautiful baby!!