Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This Lady Does Not Make Sense

Read an article the other day on Al Mohler's blog: When Feminism Kills -- Abortion as 'The Lesser Evil'. What did it say? This lady who is pro-choice believes that abortion is murder, and still doesn't change her mind. She thinks abortion is killing an innocent child, but thinks that a woman's choice is greater than life. CRAZY.

I think she's just an idiot in this way of thinking, a little strong word used here, but seriously. I can understand being pro-choice ONLY when you believe that abortion is NOT murder, thinking that the fetus isn't a life until a certain point. That makes sense, but it doesn't make sense to call it murder and still be pro-choice. How can you argue that an innocent life is lesser than an idea, a choice, a stance. It's different when you risk your life for a cause, it's your life. It's different to kill/defend for a cause in certain circumstances such as war, but there is still limitations and laws that we are supposed to abide by. If we used this logic in other circumstance, our world would be even more evil and unjust. It would be a lot like hell. But an innocent life for a woman's choice... just can't see the life being the "lesser evil". What do you think?


The Bryant's said...

As I have always stated it is not my place to decide what another woman should do. I am not for it or against it. The individual has to decide for themselves. I think certain circumstances it is ok but it's not for me to judge! I know lots of people don't agree with what I say but God didn't put me here to judge and I have to answer for what I do not anyone else! We hate you guys couldn't make it over on Sunday we had a blast. Maw got on the girls bike and rode it and we had better fireworks than the town of Kernersville!! It was awesome!!!!!!


KatieWifeOfCurt said...

It's not unlike the intellectual knowledge demons have that they're on the losing side. Yet they continue on in their evil.

Zack said...

I wouldn't agree with your assessment that she's an 'idiot', especially having only ever read Mohler's select snippets of her quotes.

But it is devastating to me to hear her say that what SHE acknowledges as murder of a baby is a "lesser" evil compared to 'challenging' a woman's 'right' to her 'fertility freedom'.

The same exact reasoning, applied consistently, would make this world hell on earth.

Your life stands between my and the 'freedom' to own and enjoy your car. Therefore, comparing the 'evil' of my current unhappiness with the 'evil' of taking your life, I choose the 'lesser' evil of taking your life.

You get immediate anarchy...

But at least she's honest. That's rare in the abortion debate.

Zach and Laura Hanlon said...

You're right, Zack. I shouldn't have called her an idiot. I just hate that way of thinking.

I was thinking just the other day about how I bet there are a lot of other women/men out there who believe the same thing as her. I am glad she at least admits what she believes. If only there was a way we could change their mind. I wish all could experience the life changing transformation from the gospel.

At least I can trust in God's sovereignty and that he is loving and just.

Thanks all for your comments.