Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Zach turned 25 this past Sunday, yea I'm a little behind. We had a lot of fun celebrating with family, definitely was a super busy weekend. I am so thankful that this man is alive and I hope I get many more years with him. In honor of 25 years of life, I'm going to share 25 memories of Zach:
1. Zach was a CHUBBY baby, I mean really chubby, chubbier than Annie chubby.
2. He grew out of that chubby phase quick and then was super skinny. His freshman year of high school he wrestled in the 112 weight class. He was LITTLE!
3. Zach was a wrestler in high school, by the time I met him he got bigger. He was wrestling in the 152 weight class his senior year, when we started dating.

4. Zach was ranked #1 in the state in his weight class senior year, he was good.
5. The first time Zach and I actually talked, he hollered at me at a soccer game at my high school. It was a tournament, so a bunch of high schools were there, including his. It was, I think, the second day of school. As me and a friend stopped to talk to one of his friends we knew, he yelled at me and asked me if I did my homework. Too bad we hadn't even been assigned any homework.
6. In the next few days after the soccer game, Zach got the courage to ask me to call him. It was one day after class, we had second period AP Psychology together. (We did go to different high schools, but we took our AP/vocational classes.) My response to him after he asked me to call him was, "why don't you call me instead." Then he got my number, that lucky boy.
7. He eventually called me and asked if I wanted to hang out with him and his friend. So I then call my friend and make a plan to go meet them. As I was heading over to my friend's house to pick her up, I got into my first car wreck. Not fun. I rammed into a van (that had two small children), then swerved and ran into a ditch. Overall damage wasn't too bad and nobody got hurt.
8. The first time I went to Zach's house, I got lost. We were in different cars and he was going to meet me at his house. I called him to tell him I was lost, then my phone died. I tried to see if I could find my way, but after an hour, I decided to go back home. He was in my driveway waiting for me. What a sweetie.
9. On our 3 month anniversary, Zach put rose petals all throughout my house (with my parents permission) and led me into my bathroom where he had present for me. He had named a star after me (yea, that's completely fake, but very sweet at the time). He definitely was very serious about our relationship, me on the other still not so sure if I wanted to date anybody. He stole my heart soon after this...
10. Zach and I went to his senior prom together. Although we went to different high schools, our prom night was on the same night, so we went to his. We had a lot of fun, although he wasn't a very good dancer. I still fell in love with him anyways...

11. I was a cheerleader in high school, Zach would come watch me cheer at the football games. I loved to go watch him wrestle as well. One day I was really frustrated in cheerleading practice and he was at my school for a wrestling match, so I left my practice to go watch him. I got in trouble, my coach yelled at me.
12. We went to the lake with one of our friends and were riding jet skis. You would think Zach would be doing all the tricks and throwing us off, but actually I did. I threw us off and we both almost got knocked out. We definitely had our breaths knocked out, but Zach had to save the jet ski because the safety stop slipped off my wrist. He's such a man, he sucked it up and saved the ski after I almost killed us.
13. Zach and I worked as lifeguards together for 2 summers. The first summer we worked at Old Town Country Club, the second summer we worked at Forsyth Country Club. At Old Town is when I realized how great of a father he would be, he was so good with the kids. We both adored this little girl named Baker, that's how Ellie got her middle name.
14. Zach had a purple truck in high school and most of college. It wasn't very practical since it didn't have an extended cab and that it only sat 2 people. I loved that truck, it sure was purple though.
15. Zach and I went to Grand Cayman with my family the summer after our senior year of high school. It was so much fun. The one memory I have is "swimming" with the sting rays. That was definitely a once in a life experience. I hope that some day we can go swimming with dolphins!
16. In college, Zach and I lived in either the same dorm or in the same apartment complex all 4 years. It was nice being able to walk to our rooms/apartment to hang out.
17. Zach used to love Bojangles. I think if we stilled lived 5 minutes from the Bojangles on Western Blvd, he might still love it. He seriously would eat there at least 3 times a week. Good thing that stopped, he might die of a heart attack if that continued.
18. Zach is a terrible singer, he has absolutely no tune. He loves to call you and sing to you if you are one of his really good friends. This makes you feel extra special, and I love how he can't carry a tune. Personally, I think it makes it even more special.
19. Our junior year of college we lived in an apartment complex right next to Lake Johnson. I could take about 20 steps from the back of my building and be on the path around the lake. We would walk/run all the time. One time we decided to take a canoe out on the lake. We also decided to take Kayla (our dog) with us. We started to freak out because Kayla wouldn't stay still, so we were rocking everywhere. We decided to go to the shore and put her inside. When we got close to the shore, Kayla jumped out. Zach started freaking out and told her to get back in the boat, she wouldn't. She kept jumping around in the water and over the canoe. I was laughing hysterically, Zach couldn't be any madder. He was so upset with both me and Kayla, he didn't think it was funny at all. He did not like the possibility of falling into the lake or our dog going crazy in the water.
20. Zach flew to California to propose to me on summer project. I thought I was going up to the lighthouse with my friends to take some pictures, but that was not the case. I was shocked, because although I definitely wanted a proposal that summer, I thought he for sure wasn't going to do it in Cali. I was wrong, and absolutely loved getting engaged in such a beautiful place.
21. Zach was extremely nervous when he proposed to me, he also shed a few tears. It was such a special moment because I definitely had never seen him so nervous. I got to see how much I meant to him, and he wrote me an amazing poem. One day I might share it with you.
22. On our wedding day, Zach gave me his journal that he had been writing in the past year. I read the entry on our wedding day and remembered it being so very special. Too bad I lost the journal the next day. I have no idea what happened to it.
23. On our honeymoon in Capri, Italy (yea, it was amazing), Zach had planned a taxi tour on the Almafi Coast. That morning I woke up and realized I had an UTI. I thought I caught it pretty early, so I decided that I would probably be fine. We were in a taxi with a tour guide. The guide was going to take us to some amazing places. Our first stop was Pompei. Well as soon as we got to Pompei, I was in serious pain. I soon realized that I couldn't make it through the day. I hesitantly broke the news to Zach, but Zach couldn't have been more than thrilled. He thought our tour guide was one of the most annoying men alive and didn't want to put up with him anymore. The hundreds of dollars he spent on this wasn't worth putting up with this guy. I personally thought the guy was extremely nice, oh well. At least my UTI made somebody happy.

24. Zach's favorite things this year (it seems they change every few years): Starbucks, Biscuitville, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, M&M's, tiramisu, ice cream, chicken pan pie, iPhone, reading books, and the tv series West Wing. Now when I talk about favorite things, I mean that he wants these things ALWAYS. He is borderline obsessed with these things. He's definitely a passionate person, and it shows.
25. Zach is an amazing father and husband. I'll never forget how he steps up and helps me when I need it. After Ainsley was born, he was a life saver. He would take Ellie out for coffee, biscuits, playtime at the kid's museum, or to the store. He constantly continues to do this when I need a break. The little moments are what stick out in my mind the most. He works at home when he's not traveling, so throughout the day he pops in to see what we are doing. He is constantly reading a book, or laughing and loving on both of the girls. I love how his heart melts for them and for me. He pretty much rocks my world.

These are just a few of many, and many more to come. I love you Zach!

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