Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tongue Boo Boo

Last night while I was cooking dinner, Zach was watching the girls. Ellie decided to do what she does best, mess with Kayla. She thinks that standing on Kayla while holding onto the couch is tons of fun (along with jumping on Kayla, riding Kayla, hitting Kayla, kissing Kayla, and some good things such as playing ball with Kayla, laying next to Kayla). Zach warned her and told her not to stand on Kayla (mostly because we feel bad for the dog, not that we were concerned with her getting hurt). Welp, Kayla stood up because it wasn't feeling too good and Ellie was on her back, so she wacked herself onto the couch. She was crying really hard and was bleeding in her mouth, but we thought maybe she busted her lip or bit her gum. During dinner we discovered, when she stuck her tongue out, that she bit her tongue (on both sides)! It must have really hurt and I definitely can feel her pain with this one:
I took many pictures trying to get her to stick out her tongue. Here are some of the outtakes that were cute (Zach was trying to help, so I thought I needed to include him in some of the pics):

1 comment:

Courtney said...

POOR ELLIE!!! (but hey natural consequences, maybe Kayla will benefit from this one)
Love the middle pic of Zach and her