Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poison Control

Yesterday we called poison control for the second time in 3 months. The first time I never shared about was when I thought Ellie ate a tad bit of dog poop. This was at my parent's house. I was doing something with Ainsley when all of a sudden Ellie started screaming. She had some poop on her fingers and had put them in her mouth, she was screaming because she was completely disgusted by the taste. I at first thought it was her poop, but then realized it was the dog's moments later. She ended up being fine, but Zach insisted I call to make sure we shouldn't worry.

So now for the second call which happened yesterday evening. I was cooking dinner and Zach was playing with Ellie. He was commenting on how bad her breath smelled, like rotten eggs. Well moments later she came up to him and her breath smelled like bathroom cleaner, she had sprayed disinfectant spray in her mouth! I had left it out on top of the sink because that's where I wash her dirty underwear and afterwards I disinfect. She somehow was able to reach it and decided she must put it in her mouth. What goes through a 2 year old head?? Why would she think that she needed to put that in her mouth?? I don't think she sprayed it because she normally can't figure out how to spray it, but you never know because neither one of us saw it. Never again will I leave any cleaner out, she just can't resist putting anything in her mouth! Hopefully this will change. We called poison control just to keep an eye out for any symptoms we should worry about. She ended up being fine and it didn't bother her. We gave her lots of water and some dinner which diluted the cleaner and drowned out the taste.

We'll see how many more times we will have to call... hopefully none but for some reason I'm thinking this will probably happen again.


Courtney said...

Ummmm... yikes! And boo, I was hoping we would be entering the not putting everything in mouth phase soon...

Catherine said...

Oh no! I'm glad Ellie is okay! The fact that we have never yet called because of Carson is an absolute act of God!

Zack said...


I love the stories!

Josiah called the police last weekend.

We never let him touch our phones, but his aunt (my little sister) does when we aren't around. She gives him her blackberry with the screen locked.
He managed to push enough buttons to unlock it and call 911.

I do believe we have an engineer on our hands!

Missy Gallagher said...

I am learning that with kids if you think it won't or they can't do it they will prove you wrong. LOL It is amazing and sometimes scary.