Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet Addison

About a month ago Zach and I somewhat launched a new Summit Small Group in Holly Springs. I say somewhat because we didn't actually start our first meeting until last Sunday. In this group there is another couple our age, Uriah and Katie, with a daughter, Addison, that is just four months older than Ellie. Katie and I instantly started hanging out because we both had been praying for a playmate in Holly Springs (playmate for not just our daughters but also for us mommies).

Meet Addison (so cute!):

Needless to say, they absolutely ADORE each other. We hang out every week, and well this week almost everyday! We are finding more and more things to do in Holly Springs with our little ones. Ellie and I tend to get bored very quickly in the house, so we are always looking for new things to do. Of course we love having company, it always makes it better... and well, Katie and Addison love hanging out too!

Here's one of the two of them, right after they gave each other a kiss:

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