Monday, August 24, 2009

The Case for Early Marriage (and even Parenthood)

I found this article to be very interesting, and I would have to agree with the statements the author, Albert Mohler, makes. I won't repeat what he says, so you should definitely take 5 minutes to read.

The trend of getting married later and later, definitely is against the way our bodies are made. Not only is this article's argument good for early marriage, but it could also be used for becoming younger parents. We also see a trend of women waiting longer and longer to have children (partly due to marrying later, but also many other contributing factors). Our bodies are designed to have children between the ages of 18-26 years. The later we have children, the higher the risk of complications and infertility. Just ask a doctor.

Some food for thought... feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail, I am very interested in your views of the article or even my previous statement.


Zack said...

I think the over-arching principle is right-on.

But I also think that marriage is a weighty thing -- it's hard work, and I believe that it takes a foundation built on Christ to thrive.

My fear is that some people get married early, primarily in response to their sexual urges, desire for independence (from parents and other responsibilities) and insecurities (about their attractiveness), and you end up with 2 people who build a marriage on instant gratification and false assumptions, rather than on Christ.

I would urge people not to wait too long -- no matter who you marry or what circumstances surround your courtship and marriage, it's going to be difficult and require a lot of hard work, so don't wait for the perfect time or the perfect person -- but also not to swing to hard to the other end of the spectrum and create for yourself unnecessary pain.

Zach and Laura Hanlon said...

Great point, I think you are exactly right. I would definitely have to say a lot of young women do not weigh how big of a decision marriage actually is because we get caught up in our dream of being married and having a beautiful wedding. Marriage will be difficult and is hard work.

I love how you said it's not about the perfect time or perfect person, because ultimately marriage is about the commitment you make to each other and to God. We need to understand the commitment you make in marriage and not get caught up in the "instant gratification" one thinks marriage would bring.