Friday, June 26, 2009

2 years and Chicago!

Zach and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary by taking a trip to Chicago over Father's Day weekend. It's amazing that it has been two years and we never thought we would be expecting our second on our two year anniversary. There have been hard times, but also some very precious sweet times. We are glad we have made it through all the changes the past two years have brought us, and the first years of marriage. We have been so blessed to been given the gift of Ellie and then a second baby on the way. Definitely not what we would have planned, but we are so glad we aren't in control, God has a much better plan!

The Lord has blessed me so much by not just giving me a beautiful daughter, but an amazing husband who is also an amazing father. My love for Zach grows deeper and deeper as I watch him as a father to Ellie. It is very evident that he cares about us above any other earthly thing. He is very supportive and VERY involved. I don't think there is a day when he's not gone on a business trip that he doesn't change Ellie's diaper and help me around the house. He loves to serve both of us and I am extremely thankful for that! I am so proud to claim him as my husband and daddy to my children :) I look forward to many more years where our love will continue to grow and to watch him father our two (maybe more later) children!

So, about our trip... Chicago was a blast! We visited museums and the amazing Shed Aquarium, went kayaking down the Chicago River, took a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan, and went to a Cubs game! Zach and I went alone and were very surprised how much we missed our little girl! Four days was too long for us, we were ready to get home to see her smiling face.

Welcome to Chicago! It was stormy the first two days:
Go Cubbies:

I bought tickets online, it warned the we could have a limited view due to posts in the way. Never thought it would be this view:
(luckily we were able to scoot down one seat and were able to see much better!)

The trip definitely seemed to be destined for trouble. We choose Chicago because not only does Zach absolutely LOVE Chicago, he also had received two free night stays at the Palmer House in Chicago. Wednesday morning, the day before we left, we were looking for the gift certificate. We had placed it in our office, but we moved the office to the garage and ended up losing the certificate which they say they have to have. After stressing out about it all morning Zach decided to use his Hilton points to get us a free stay even though he wanted to save them. We got most everything packed on Wednesday and woke up early Thursday morning thinking our flight was at 9:45a. I had allowed plenty of time to make sure we didn't have to rush out the door, but at 7:15a Zach receives a text saying our flight was leaving at 8:20a! The airport is about 20 minutes away and I had just woken Ellie up! We ran out the door, barely making it to the airport on time to check-in and make our flight, but luckily we made it! That was just the beginning of the trip... we have a few more stories while we were in Chicago, but I'll leave those for you to ask me later. The end of our trip ended in the same manner. Zach and I made it to O'Hare airport and were checking in to our flight. Well the computer told us our flight had already departed, we had mixed up the departure time with the arrival time again! This time we missed it completely though and had to take the next flight. We still had a great time and made it home safely and we were able to brush it off farely quickly :)

Shed Aquarium:

(this was the best aquarium I've ever been too! HUGE and a lot of fish and other animals)


Bobby and Brooke said...

What a great way to celebrate Zach (Father's Day) and your anniversary! :) Sounds like it was fun even with some of the stress!

Janie Mann said...

Sounds like a fun trip, I'm glad you guys made it home safely!