Thursday, June 11, 2009

12 weeks

Recently I have been terrible at updating the blog, mostly due to the first trimester pregnancy blues (that is morning sickness, fatigue, and a lot of wanting to do nothing). Now, however, I am official done with the first trimester and feel so much better! I am still not getting much sleep, which leads to more fatigue, but have been able and willing to do much more.

I had my second doctor's visit this Monday and everything went perfect. The doctor informed me this pregnancy should be just as boring as the first and we have no problem with that! I got to see baby two again and he/she was squirming all around. I have another picture, but it's not even worth posting because it's basically a blurb. The doctor I saw is not very good at taking ultrasound pictures, next time I'll choose another one to take better pics. My next visit will be in four weeks just to check on the baby. It's so nice to have nothing to worry about and to be able to still take care of Ellie, Zach, Kayla, and the house.

So update on Ellie: She turned 14 months old today and is learning more and more things everyday. She still isn't saying many words but babbles a ton. We have been going to the pool a lot the past two weeks and she is loving the water and watching the other kids play. I'll be posting some videos and pictures soon. Remember to cast your guess below!

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