Monday, October 13, 2008

Yard Work

Zach and I (with the help of my parents) have finally finished our yard work for the Fall! FINALLY!
Here are the before shots:

Everything you see in these pictures are gone (except the oak tree in the middle of the yard)!
We have dug up everything in the front of our house and have planted bushes and plants we like! One thing we are extremely proud of is getting rid of this (not Kayla, the thing behind her!):

This is overgrown holly bushes and leftovers from a deck that was torn down long ago. We absolutely hated this thing and are so glad it is gone!
We also sewed grass seed and will hopefully see some grass in our yard instead of dirt! This makeover has taken up many of our weekends, but we are finally done! I will get you some after shots when the grass comes up... so look for them later!

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Janie Mann said...

Laura, Your house is so cute, the yard looks great. You should post some pictures of the inside too!