Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day in the Life of Ellie

So Ellie and I have been having some great, long quality time since Zach has been out of town during the week, and she hasn't been sleeping as much. I thought I would share a typical day for Ellie and I. Ellie usually wakes up around 8am, eats and then plays in her exersaucer for a little while. After about an hour and a half she is ready for a nap, so between 9:30-10 I feed her and put her down and she sleeps until 12-12:30. She then wakes up, eats and we either run errands, play together, read, or do anything we can think of. Here is a video of what she commonly does during the afternoon:

At about 2pm, she gets very unhappy. So typically we go on a walk if it's not raining! I think this is definitely Ellie's and Kayla's favorite part of the day (the walk that is). Between 3:30-4, I feed her again and put her back down for another nap. This is perfect since I tutor from 4-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She usually sleeps until 5 or 6pm, and then I feed her again. If Zach is home, this is when he spends time with Ellie and when I cook dinner. It all depends on Ellie's mood what we do, sometimes we will just play together with random toys or she will play in her exersaucer or on the floor. Here she is having some fun in her exersaucer:

Around 7pm we give Ellie some solids. She absolutely LOVES this part of the day, I think I might have to start feeding her solids in the afternoon too because whenever we eat lunch or even breakfast she is wanting some food of her own! She doesn't last very long after we feed her, so we start getting her ready for bed. We put her in her sleeper, nurse her, and then read her "Goodnight Moon" (This is Zach's responsibility when he's in town). She is very happy at bedtime and sometimes it's hard for us to leave her, but she never cries for us and is asleep usually by 8pm! We have it so easy!

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