Monday, February 6, 2012

The Nasty Cold

I took this picture last week. We have gotten our yearly cold. It started off with Ainsley coughing throughout the night, which keeps me up since I am the lightest sleeper in the whole wide world it seems! Next came the runny noses and spreading of germs, which led to Ellie wasting using a whole box of Kleenexes in one day (how do you teach you kid to reuse a Kleenex, yet alone use one?)

I thought I was almost safe from the nasty thing, then it came. It started with a sore throat and a cough, then came the loss of voice (laryngitis) and the hacking cough (bronchitis), then the worst headache and the worst cough and congestion (sinus infection) of my life, I thought. Why does it seem that I got the worst of it? I thought mothers weren't supposed to get sick, I thought that I was the adult with the immune system. I used to NEVER get sick, not until I had kids. I was even around kids ALL the time, I was a teacher and church nursery volunteer. Why when the days come when it is almost impossible to rest, do I have the worst immune system?

Ok, enough complaining. I thought I would share my nasty thoughts with you and hopefully not this nasty cold.


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Mandi said...

Well if it is like my house, you got sick because your kids think mommy's glass is the community drinking glass.