Friday, July 15, 2011

New Beds!

We have put the girls in the same room... in BUNK BEDS! Ainsley has now officially moved up to a twin bed, and she's doing FABULOUS.

Ellie is on the top
Ainsley is on the bottom
The ladder is not attached, mostly because we don't want Ainsley going up and down, but it also keeps Ellie from going up and down which creates a lot less frustration for everyone.

The girls love sharing a room, and do so pretty well. They both go to sleep fairly quickly, depending on the night and if people are over, however they do like to talk to each other before going to sleep. They wake each other up when one wakes up before the other after nap or in the mornings, but they mostly get enough sleep (usually 1.5 hours at nap and 12 hours at night). I have some really good sleepers!

We all are loving having them together! It gives Zach an "office" during the day so he doesn't sweat like a pig in the garage, and in the winter he won't freeze like an ice cube! This also makes us one step closer to being ready to bring home our baby brother! The crib is all his, whenever his time comes to be welcomed into our home :)

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