Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ainsley's Favorite Questions

I have mentioned how Ainsley loves to ask where everyone is. I had my camera out and ready to capture her asking one day. Here is the result. Pay attention to what she calls Ellie, and also Zach's long hair!

Me: What did you say?
Ainsley: Where's Daddy?
M: Where's Daddy?
A: Yea.
M: He's back in the bedroom.
A: Oh. Where's mommy?
M: Where's mommy? Where's mommy?
A: Right here, there.
M: I'm right here.
A: Where's Ellie?
M: Where's what?
A: Where's Ellie?
M: She's sleeping.
A: Where mommy?
M: Right here.
A: Where's Annie?
M: Where's who?
A: Me.
M: Where's Annie?
A: Yea.
M: Right there, right there!
A: Where's Ellie?
M: Ellie's sleeping.
A: Oh.
and then the rest...

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