Saturday, April 9, 2011

Face Painting at Marbles!

We decided to head to Marbles the other week since it's one of our favorite places! When we got there, it turned out that they were opening a new exhibit, a vet clinic! They were celebrating with some treats and face painting. I definitely wanted the girls to try so at first I let them play...

Ainsley loves to put her face against both glass and mirrors. We catch her doing this frequently.
Taking a ride in the ambulance:
Picking some veggies.

Then I headed off to wait in a long line, while the girls played some more with Daddy. Ainsley had to come give me a hug while I waited, of course.

Now the attempt to face paint. Ellie chose to be a rainbow cat, interesting. She definitely was resisting at first...
but after some instruction, she sat still but a little freaked out.

We decided to try Ainsley, if Ellie was able to sit still we figured she would too. She got to be a puppy. We had to put her on my lap, but she did great!
The reward for doing such a good job was a cupcake and some milk. Here is the finished work (after the cupcake of course):

And again, face against the mirror. She wanted to give the puppy a kiss:

Creative shot by daddy.

The fun we have at Marbles!

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