Monday, April 11, 2011

Ellie Turns 3!

Really, three years old? It can't be. It goes too quick, they just don't stop growing. Oh but I love to watch her grow! I definitely have a bittersweet feeling about this birthday. I feel that Ellie is officially a preschooler, no more baby excuses. She goes to the potty, dresses herself, write her name, sits in a big chair, won't stop talking... EVER. My little chatter box is a handful, but so full of life. I am excited to say goodbye to the two's, and hoping I can handle the three's. I really do love watching Ellie take on the world and soak it all in. It's amazing how quickly their little minds grow. I look forward to seeing her learn and experience so much more this next year. What a blessing it is to be a mother to such a beautiful bubble of life and personality.

This year to celebrate a birthday, we decided to take her to the zoo. We had to take her best pal, Addison, along as well! It was a crummy day, cold and somewhat rainy, but they seemed to still enjoy it.

Zebras and Giraffes


Looking at the HUGE gorillas

Best friends

Family with the elephants

birthday cupcake at Chick-fil-a
It definitely wasn't the best day for the zoo, but it sure made the day extra special for Ellie. She wouldn't stop talking about it. Gigi came to the zoo and celebrated over lunch, and even came back to the house for presents and more sweets!
Gigi with the girls

They both loved the piggy bank

Ellie opening presents

Birthday cookie (one piece missing from daddy because he couldn't resist)
We also celebrated her birthday at Nana's and Papa's house where Ellie opened up more presents and had a yummy lunch outside. She felt so special and loved by her family and friends.

Happy Birthday to our joyous 3 year old! What a special, loved child you are and always will be.

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