Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Greatest Challenge

Being a stay-at-home mom is the hardest thing I've ever done. Sometimes I just feel like a failure and other times I feel like I'm doing nothing productive (because everything I do seems to be something that just will be undone later, i.e. picking up toys, cooking, cleaning). Not too long ago I was this young, smart, social woman who was just starting her career and marriage. Now I've turned into this forgetful, clumsy, did I get a shower, just make it through today mom. I've also realized how many things I do NOT know and just how SINFUL I really am. Many times I've toyed with the thought of going back to work, but then again I know I can't give my child any greater service than staying home with her.

Alright, alright... I can hear some of you saying how I should be so proud to stay at home and how blessed my children are for having a mom able to dedicate her whole day to them. I agree, many days I loose sight of what exactly my role is. However, I definitely was reminded the other day while I was reading "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman, and she definitely made me cry. She says it amazingly:
"Now let's talk about my greatest challenge today... and every day. It is raising these two precious children in the ways of the Lord. God does have an important job for me, and it does require much skill. It is my calling, my priority, my struggle, and my goal. I will rise to the occasion and accept the task at hand. I will love, nurture, and train my children the way that God has called me to do.

Moms, we need to be reminded of the awesome responsibility that God has given us. When we respond to the high calling of motherhood with passion, the rewards are far greater than any we could ever gain outside of that calling. The joys of motherhood are rare and beautiful treasures that can be easily missed if we don't seize the opportunity to grab them.

Being a mom is more than being a cook, chauffeur, maid, counselor, doctor, referee, disciplinarian, etc. (just to name a few). It's about molding character, building confidence, nurturing, training, and guiding. There is nothing like the influence that a mother has on her child. A mother's influence has enormous potential to shape the person a child becomes, for good or ill."
I absolutely LOVE being a mom. Children are a blessing and give you so much joy. There are many days that I feel so blessed to stay at home because I have some amazing moments with Ellie. However there are just some days where it really is a struggle and you feel that you have accomplished nothing at all. I think it's so easy to dwell on those days instead of cherish the beautiful moments with my daughter and realize just how important my job is. My desire is to love, nurture, and teach my children the ways of the Lord. Therefore I need to seize the opportunities and focus on my goal!


Courtney said...

I love that book! Another good one that helps me to keep things in perspective is A Mother's Heart by Jean Fleming. So, so good

Val said...

I love this post. Thanks for the honesty! I know I can definitely relate to your feelings. I will have to pick up that book.

Janie Mann said...

Laura, Ellie is so lucky to have such a devoted, faithful, and humble mom. I know lots of moms go through the struggle of feeling like they are accomplishing things when they chase their kids all day... I hope you know how much worth you have as a daughter of God. I love you!

Bobby and Brooke said...

What a great reminder for us all, but more than that...what a great way for you to recognize what a true blessing you are to Ellie and to Zach! Keep up the good work!!!

Becky said...

I really enjoyed reading your post Laura!