Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mommy Brain?

I'm almost too embarrassed to write this as a post, but I know many of you would take interest in this. Maybe I can excuse if for mommy brain, but I think it should be under "just stupid" category.

Yesterday, Ellie and I went grocery shopping (triple coupons at HT anyone??). We went to Harris Teeter, spent well over an hour there, then needed to stop by Food Lion to get a few more items on sale. Ellie was not having a good day and was throwing a fit everywhere we went. Even when she isn't whiny, it seems like everything just takes so much longer to do and I am nearly never as focused as I should be. I had already spent way too long in HT trying to make sure I got what was on my list, organizing coupons, and keeping Ellie from screaming... however when I got to the register, I had messed up even though I checked over and over again to make sure I had it right. What happened to the days when I could multi-task extremely well? I guess it just won't be the same ever again when one of the tasks is taking care of one of your kids.

Well we finally get to Food Lion and we were in and out in a jiffy. I let Ellie play with the car keys to keep her entertained and to keep my sanity while I was putting the groceries in the car. I finished loading the groceries up, took the keys, unlocked the doors (since Ellie had locked them), buckled Ellie in her car seat, made sure all the doors were unlocked, then tossed the keys up in the driver seat while I returned the cart. Well go figure, as soon as I closed the door, all the doors LOCKED! The groceries, my keys, my phone, and my CHILD were locked in the car!

Thank goodness a man let me borrow his phone to call Zach, however Zach was 40 minutes away! I definitely could NOT wait that long. So we decided to call the cops instead. A policeman arrived and within 20 minutes had the car unlocked (although it was not an easy task at all). Whew... groceries saved and more importantly CHILD okay! Ellie didn't even mind one bit, she was very entertained by the policeman sticking this long metal rod inside our car.

The funny thing is... our house is literally right behind Food Lion. Our house was also unlocked, with an extra set of keys inside. However, neither Zach or our neighbors were home to help and I definitely wasn't going to leave Ellie. I'm so glad we have policemen to help out in moments like these!

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