Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my twin sister Ashlei, my mother-in-law Tone, and me! On February 24th, we all shared the same birthday! Ashlei came up from Florida to celebrate our 24 years of life!

(Ashlei and I being goofy)

Birthdays are one of my favorite holidays. I feel that we don't cherish each other enough, and a birthday is a day to remind me how much I am glad you are alive. So Ashlei coming to Raleigh to celebrate our birthday together was something extra special.

(flowers my mom got us)

This year I made a little book for Ashlei that shared some memories and reasons why I love her. Ashlei is the sweetest person I know, each year my love for her grows more and more. Putting together this book made me realize how special sisters are. Sisters know where you come from, every step of your life, and because of that they share something so special, a love that is deep and unconditional. Every year the bond between my sisters and I grow. I know that my sisters will always be there. Thanks for the memories, I love you sissies!

(Carla, me, Ashlei)


Janie Mann said...

I love those Martin sisters and I love my sisters so much too. Nothing can replace a sisters love.

Bobby and Brooke said...

Happy Birthday(late)! I totally agree too, sisters are the BEST! I could not ask for a better friend in my sister! You're blessed with 2...God is Good! :)