Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carboard Testimony

The church we attend, Summit, is launching a new campaign to reach all of the RDU area. This past Sunday, our pastor shared with us the reason why we were doing this. The answer is, "It's about people. People are the mission; they are worth the investment of our lives." They showed this video below, which demonstrates this:

The Summit - Cardboard Testimony from Chris Baker on Vimeo.

What an awesome video. Jesus changes our perspective, our hearts, our lives. I wanted to share this with you, not to show you what our church is doing, but to remind you how Christ has changed us, how he changes others. We want to share Christ with others, not just because we think it's truth, but because of the effect He has on people's lives.

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Yours Truly - Anj and Mel said...

That video was amazing! I am in tears! ... We miss you guys :)