Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cute as a button :)

Ellie is now 6 weeks old! She is definitely more aware of her environment and she loves to look around. She still is keeping mom and dad up at night, but we are excited that she has dropped her 2am feeding the past two nights... going 5 hours between the 11pm feeding and the 4am feeding, which means we get to sleep 4 hours straight! It's crazy how excited you get about sleeping only four hours.

This past week I went home for a few days to spend some quality time with my mom, especially since she hasn't stayed with us at all since Ellie was born. It was so nice to get some help from her, and I know she loved spending some time with Ellie. The picture to the left shows Kayla looking after Ellie on the drive to Winston, what a fabulous dog we have!
We went to a boutique baby store in Winston-Salem called Gazoodles and purchased a little pink bow. I just had to get on here to post a picture of her in it. She is just too cute... nobody better ask us now if she is a boy or girl!

P.S. I created a new album on facebook, you can go to it using this url:
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