Friday, December 16, 2011

Ainsley's 2nd Birthday

Our baby girl is 2 years old! I cannot believe how I don't have a baby anymore and how fast my two girls are growing. Ainsley has developed a sweet, loving, free spirited, yet stubborn personality. I absolutely have loved watching this little one grow.

Ainsley loves:
-to eat. everything.
-to sing.
-to suck her thumb.

-to do whatever Ellie does.
-to be goofy.
-to pray. for everything.
-baby dolls.
-to organize or stack anything and everything.

-to be without any clothes!
-to lay in bed and cuddle with you in the morning
-to be held by mommy or daddy, definitely not by Ellie.
-to color and paint.

-to poo poo in the bathtub. we love that too....
-to jump.
-to read books, by herself.
-to find gum in anyone's purse, including the stranger at the library.
-the iphone, especially people's photos on the iphone.
-her face painted.

Ainsley does not like:
-bouncy houses, although she enjoys the trampoline.
-being thrown into the air.
-the chick-fil-a cow or any other dressed up character, including Santa.

I absolutely ADORE and LOVE this little girl. She is nurturing, loving, easy-going, goofy, smart, and joyful. She can easily light up your day and make you feel warm. I love watching her discover and explore this world, I look forward to the many days ahead. What a joy and blessing she is to our lives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AINSLEY!

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