Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Airplane Ride

The girls and I went to Texas to visit my sister. It was Ellie's second plane ride (first was a visit to visit my other sister in FL when Ellie was 6 months old), and it was Ainsley's first plane ride ever! Zach was able to fly with us to Atlanta because he was traveling for business, but I did the rest of the trip there and back by myself!

The girls were wonderful fliers. We had two flights to Houston and two flights back to Raleigh, they slept on one flight each way for the while flight. It was amazing. I had a little rough time carrying Ainsley, our luggage, my huge tote, and keeping track of Ellie. I would easily do it again, it wasn't too bad because they loved it. Well, I guess Ainsley might disagree with me a little bit, she wasn't a fan of take off or landing. She survived with no tears, only words of concern and death grips on my hand.

Being silly
Coming home

Blessed to have children who travel well. Here's a little video of our first flight as four:

YouTube Video

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Mrs MacKenzie said...

Awww these pics are so cute! Good idea getting a little vid of the girls. You have the most beautiful little family!