Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleep Over!

This past week Ellie stayed with my sister and her husband for two nights! Zach and I didn't have any plans, we just thought it would be nice to have a little break. We were very curious to see how Ellie would handle two whole days without mommy and daddy, but she did fabulous! It didn't even seem like she noticed we weren't there. She had a great time, but we sure did miss her at our house. Life just isn't the same without our sweet little girl running around.

An update on baby #2: I am almost 11 weeks and the nausea seems to be getting a little better. I mostly feel sick in the morning and then when I get tired at night. I will be going back to the doctor the second week of June and will most likely have another picture for you!
Zach is in the process of finishing in the garage so he can move his office out there. We decided since he already is so distracted by me and Ellie, adding another baby will make it nearly impossible for him to work efficiently in the house. The garage seems more secluded and you can't hear everything that's going on as well. We hope it'll work, we gotta stay in this house a few more years :)

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