Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good To Be Home

This past week Ellie and I went to Winston-Salem/Kernersville to help Zach's grandmother after having knee surgery. It was great to be with family, but with Ellie teething it did get rough at times. One morning I decided to get up and make muffins but Ellie would not let me out of her sight without screaming. Therefore I ended up making muffins with Ellie on my hip... that definitely made me feel like a housewife.

We got some great quality time with Gigi (Zach's grandmother), Grandma T (Zach's mom), and Nana (my mom). Grandma T took Ellie shopping and got Ellie her new favorite toy, a worm that plays music. It is so much fun to watch her while the toy plays music, she bounces with the beat... love it :) Ellie also has gotten the cutest outfits I have ever seen this week. One is a beautiful sweaterdress from BabyGap Nana spent many days trying to complete, and the other is an adorable shirt, jeans, and sparkly shoes from Grandma T. I will definitely post some pictures of these as soon as I capture them... you probably haven't seen anything cuter than Ellie in these outfits (I know I haven't)!

It sure is great to be back home in Raleigh though... but don't worry grandparents, we will back next week for Thanksgiving!

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