Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Begins...

Yesterday was the first day of fall and what a beautiful day it was! It has been almost a month since the last post so we definitely are overdue. Ellie is growing like crazy and sleeping wonderfully 12 hours each night! She has also been teething, drooling through her bib and onesie leaving her soaking wet... I think her teeth might be coming through very soon since her gums are getting white and she has been extremely grumpy these past few days, getting frustrated when she is trying to bite things. Recently she has been saying her first mama's and dada's... of course only when she is upset most of the time.

This month has been extremely busy for Zach and I. I am in a wedding this coming weekend so I have had to travel home almost every weekend for wedding festivities. I cannot wait for this wedding to finally be here since it will be an outdoor wedding on a beautiful lake. This couple, Jessie and Daniel, have been together longer than Zach and I and it will be so special to see them finally get married. This is definitely the wedding season, we have had 10 invitations for these three months! Two of our friends tied the knot on September 13th at Duke Chapel, and it was GORGEOUS. Ellie did extremely well, thankfully since the littliest bit echoes in there. Zach and I were able to dance at the reception as soon as Ellie went to sleep... we had so much fun!

So I have to leave you with a video and a couple of pictures:
This video is of Ellie laughing at Kayla... she absolutely loves her and we can always rely on Kayla making her smile!

At the end of August, we went to the last Durham Bulls game... here is a couple shots we took. One of Zach in his free hat from Moes... and then one of Ellie in it :)

Here is a picture of Ellie in the cutest outfit ever (thanks to Nana):

After church on Sunday we go to Barnes & Noble to read before our Bible Study. Ellie take her nap during this time, last week she fell asleep on her daddy and we caught the special moment in this shot:

And last, here's a picture of me giving Ellie a kiss (notice her cute overalls and bow):

Hopefully we'll get some cute shots at the wedding this weekend! Tata for now...

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Bobby and Brooke said...

She is so cute. I love the picture of her with Zach's hat on. I think she's saying...Go Heels! ;)